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What's the difference between a hotel & guest accommodation?

A hotel must have a minimum of 6 bedrooms, be licensed and offer dinner (unless suitable for Metro Hotel category). Also all bedrooms must be ensuite or have a private bathroom. Scheme Designators have been developed to help consumers understand the different types of accommodation available. (Please note that the designator is discussed at the time of the assessment with the assessor)

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Formal accommodation with full service. Minimum six guest bedrooms but more likely in excess of 20.
Country House Hotel:
A Country House Hotel with ample grounds or gardens, in a rural or semi-rural situation with an emphasis on peace and quiet.
Small Hotel:
Smaller Hotels with a maximum of 20 bedrooms. They will be personally run by the proprietor and are likely to have limited function business.
Town House Hotel:
High quality town/city centre properties of individual and distinctive style with a maximum of 50 rooms. High staff-to-guest ratio. Public areas may be limited. Possibly no dinner served but room service available instead. Where a dining room is not available room service breakfast is acceptable.
Metro Hotel:
A town/city Hotel providing full hotel services with the exception of dinner. Within easy walking distance of a range of places to eat.

Guest Accommodation properties are likely to be smaller than hotels with perhaps more of a family home feel and approach, and a less structured service.

Guest Accommodation

Accommodation provided in a private house, run by the owner and with no more than six paying guests.
Guest House:
Accommodation provided for more than six paying guests and run on a more commercial basis than a B&B. Usually more services, for example dinner, provided by staff as well as the owner.
B&B or Guesthouse accommodation provided on a working farm or smallholding.
Restaurant with Rooms:
Destination restaurant offering overnight accommodation with the restaurant being the main business and open to non-residents. The restaurant should offer a high standard of food and restaurant service at least five nights a week and have a liquor licence. The property may have no more than a maximum of 12 bedrooms.
Guest Accommodation:
Any establishment that meets the minimum entry requirements is eligible for this general sub category.