Hen Parties

If you haven't already bought your L-plates and veils, then don't worry; Blackpool is one of the best places on Earth for planning the mother of all hen nights. As you'd expect, there are pubs and clubs aplenty, and the kind of vibrant atmosphere that will keep even the most bashful of ladies partying well into the morning. But there's a lot more besides.

Blackpool has developed a whole sub-culture to cater for party hens; quite apart from the bars and nightlife, there are salons for pampering, fancy dress shops for outfitting, limos for travelling and, yes, even male strippers for - well, usually for the purposes of shouting and giggling... In other words, if you're imagining a classic hen party with all the trappings, then you're certain to find it in Blackpool.

Central Blackpool is where a lot of the action takes place, but there's also a growing trend for hen parties around Queen Street on North Shore, where there is a flourishing gay scene. With fabulous disco music, outlandishly dressed drag queens and more than a little risqué behaviour, there are few places better suited as a back-drop for a truly unmissable hen party.

Blackpool night life has a varied selection of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and bars to suit all. With so many choices it can be a difficult decision of exactly where to go, however wherever you choose your guaranteed a lively, fun and entertaining evening. 
If you're looking for more of a cabaret evening, then why not try the hilarious Funny Girls and see Blackpools famous drag queens take to the stage for a dazzling glamorous evening of entertainment. Viva Blackpool is Blackpool's newest home of live entertainment and cabaret. You'll enjoy an amazing night out with your host the hilarious Leye D Johns. it's an evening that brings you the very best in entertainment with live music and dancing, and of course comedy.

Funny Girls - Blackpool's internationally acclaimed show bar
Viva Blackpool - An amazing night out in one of Blackpool's  newest show bars in town