Members Meeting of Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodlands on Saturday 15th September, 2018

Present   44

Apologies  14

Greetings by Chairman Mrs Elaine Smith.

Minutes having previously been distributed were passed as a true record by Steve Shepherd and Michael Cardwell.

Matters arising from Minutes

  1. The bad weather spoilt the Masters Rugby Tournament in the Park.
  2. BMX Club was holding a large meeting in the Park this weekend, The Friends are holding a stall at the event..
  3. Open Spaces Network Meeting is being held in the Visitors Centre on Wednesday 19th September 5pm, all are welcome.
  4. The next display at the Visitors Centre is by Elizabeth Gomm, a photographer. It will be put up 1st/2nd/3rd October, expecting a lot of Media coverage.
  5. The Snowdrop Festival is held in January, Scouts are coming to the Park to plant more bulbs.
  6. There are a few dates on the Calendar to be filled. The Visitors Centre closes at the end of the Illuminations and opens again before Easter.

Chairman’s Report

  1. The Visitors Centre will be closed on 27th September so it can be deep cleaned. This means that the tables will have to be put up on Friday 28th for the Macmillan Coffee Weekend.
  2. Macmillan Coffee weekend is on Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th Will need cakes, handbags, and good bric-a-brac for the Stalls, bottles will also be needed for Halloween and Christmas.
  3. Halloween, more details at the next meeting but for now need posters printed to advertise the Event. Sophia will be carving pumpkins again on the Saturday and they will be judged on the Sunday. Saturday teatime will be a Fancy Dress and Ghost Walk. Need more volunteers to dress up and be in the woods.
  4. A Remembrance Event will be taking place on Veteran’s Walk on 10th A display of poppies will be planted (made by the Friends Craft Club). A memorial bench, paid for by the Friends, will be unveiled by the Mayor. A band will be present and a cascade of poppies will tumble from the Clock Tower, courtesy of the Illumination Department. Standard Bearers will also be there.. A play called “Your Country Needs You” will be performed three times by the Quantum Theatre Group, the cost is £6, concessions £4, Children £3.
  5. There is a Coffee Morning for the Winter Gardens Trust on October 9th, cost £5.
  6. The Chairman met with Cllr Ryan who is the Chairman of the Armed Forces Liaison Committee. He wants to start a ‘Friends’ Group’ at the Arboretum on Moor Park Avenue, and wondered if Elaine could point him in the right direction. They have a lot of vandalism there.

Secretary’s Report

The work towards becoming a Charity is now completed. Carol is having someone to look over her work before the Chairman signs it off and submits the application. It will be a while before anything is heard about it.

Treasurer’s Report

£19164.85         in the Bank.

390.00         paid to Michael Cardwell for cleaning the toilets, weekends and Bank Holidays.

50.00         paid to the Meeting speaker Mr Jim McDonnell.

5.000.00         will be paid to the Council when the Toilets are finished.

Events Officers Report

After a very good start to the Bandstand Season the weather has deteriorated. The bands have been rained off 7 times.

Membership Secretary’s Report

136 paid members.

Nigel Patterson/Dog Club

£1.500 has now been paid for the Armed Forces Event in June.

Dog Club still doing well but there will be no Club on the 3rd October. Jez Evans from the Council came and spoke to the Dog Owners about the proposed rules regarding dogs in the park. The owners seemed happy about this.

Mike Ollerenshaw /Craft Club/DIY

Craft Club is making lots of Poppies for the Remembrance Event.

Needs more members to help with the DIY jobs during the winter months.

Pat Wright

Raffle raised £71

She asked if the volunteers manning the Visitor Centre could check the bolts on the doors were properly pushed down. Several occasions the door has been found to be loose and could be easily pushed open.

Gardening Club/Graham Gaulter

The Memorial Gardens are looking good after their neglected state, lots of good comments about them.

Plants have been donated but will need more perennials.  Tending the Rose Garden has been done between other jobs.

Park Report

  1. Planning to do some refurbishment in the Rose Garden in the winter months. Taking advice on which David Austin Heritage Roses to use.
  2. 1st October, Gardeners hours start at 8am – 3pm and the winter maintenance begins. The Memorial Gardens are looking good, Diane and the gardeners are very pleased.
  3. Concentrating on tree maintenance, tree felling to be done.
  4. The all-weather pitch should be completed at the end of the month.
  5. Summer bedding has been ordered for 2019 and will be delivered in May. Spring bedding will be arriving in October.
  6. The Visitors Centre will be deep cleaned 27th
  7. No 2 Putting Hut and the old shed near the Lake have been demolished. The gutters around the Boat House have also been cleaned.
  8. The Floral Clock needs looking at, Diane to see Roy about this matter on Monday.
  9. Toilets, the work is now underway, will be checking on Monday to see they are on schedule.
  10. Joyce asked if the toilets were working in the Pavilion. Diane said they were working but the BMX committee had funded the cost. The BMX British National Competitions is a huge event and put a lot of investment into it.
  11. Loraine asked if anything was being done with the 2 derelict Tennis Courts. Diane said they belonged to the concessionaires, but there were talks ongoing.
  12. Joyce asked about the bins in the Skateboard Park, Diane said the matter would be looked into.


Lorraine brought a plant encyclopaedia into the Visitors Centre for reference as she thought it could be useful to the gardening group.  The book has been given to Graham.

Jane said the fridge was smelling when she came in. She thinks something had been spilt in it – could volunteers always check the fridge, please.


Guest speaker Lynn Pattinson from the Blackpool Libraries showed slides of Wordpool past and present.


Meeting ended at 3.55pm.